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This section of the tree is my mother's family. Her ancestors emigrated from Germany and Prussia to Australia in the 1800s, but some relatives went to America.

  • This is a 'work in progress', and thousands of names, facts and sources have yet to be added.There will be errors, so please verify the facts yourself, and tell me if I'm wrong.

  • Below each person's data, note the Citations (brief source references) and follow the [S..] links to Source pages, which often explain how to find the document. You may need to inspect that document to understand why I cited it as evidence for a particular fact.

  • Please let me know if a deceased person is missing from this tree, or if I've shown a place as 'reg.dist.' (registration district) and you have documentary evidence of the exact town/suburb. These and other additions and corrections are welcome. My email address is at the bottom of the page.

  • Women are indexed under their maiden surname; but what I thought was a maiden name may occasionally turn out to be a surname from an earlier marriage.

  • To ensure that future generations have an accurate family tree, we must exchange information and ensure the long-term preservation of reliable data; but we must also respect privacy and copyright. If you extract anything from this site, you must comply with copyright laws by stating that it came from 'www.judywebster.com.au'. If you copy my data to an online tree without acknowledging the source, I have ways of detecting that.

  • I have not yet reviewed and updated all my early work. For some data in this tree, source references may be sub-standard or absent. I'm gradually rectifying that, but in the 1970s I didn't realise the importance of source citations.

  • You can't select / copy text on Person pages, but you can on Source pages.

  • This tree will disappear when I retire (soon!) unless your donations cover the ongoing cost of website hosting.

  • Website URLs may change. If a link doesn't work, do a Google keyword search.

  • Entries on Person pages are in order of ID number (*not* alphabetical by name). Details of living people have been withheld.

  • Please ensure that I always have your current email address so I can tell you about future discoveries.

  • Thank you to everyone who has shared family documents, some of which are irreplaceable. Special thanks to Jan RIENECKER and Jean JUDD.

  • My family tree is divided into two parts - my Dad's side and my Mum's side.