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Queensland Newsflash

22 Apr 2012

This Queensland Newsflash page and my Updates email newsletter have been replaced by a new site, Updates Genie, where you can read my news on the Internet, or sign up to receive it by email, or subscribe to an RSS feed. It has genealogy news and tips from all over the world (Queensland, other Australian States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc.) You will find out about indexes, Web sites, books, CDs, podcasts, record offices, research techniques, discounts and freebies, events such as family history fairs, seminars and conferences, and lots more. Updates Genie also has links to longer articles that I publish elsewhere on the Internet.

I am modifying my genealogical services and making some lifestyle changes so that I have more time for myself, my family and friends, and my own research. I need to find the right balance between genealogy as a business (which is how I earn a living) and genealogy for fun. Although Updates Genie will only reduce my workload slightly, every little bit helps - especially while I am dealing with health issues, bereavement and executor duties.

22 Sep 2010

18 Sep 2010

  • Last year I assumed the role of carer for my father so that he could continue to live in his own home. Sadly, he passed away a few months ago. I am slowly working my way through a backlog of research requests, although I am still looking after Dad's rural property part-time. Large attachments cause serious problems when I am away, so please check with me before sending email attachments.

  • Sad news: Marianne Eastgate passed away on September 5th. Marianne made a huge contribution to family history in Queensland. She is probably best known for her work on Pre-Separation records ('Queensland Early Pioneers Index 1824-1859' on FindMyPast), but she indexed many other sources including Supreme Court equity cases 1857-1895.

  • I am still waiting to hear from Maria JONES, who sent a payment but did not tell me her postal or email address.

  • A completely revamped edition of the Central Queensland Pioneer Register is now available. The set of two volumes ($60+postage) can be ordered from Central Queensland Family History Association, PO Box 10099, Frenchville Qld 4701.

  • Mark St. Leon is gradually expanding his Web site about people in circuses and travelling shows. He has also put a video on YouTube.

  • Genealogy news will often appear first on my Facebook page or in my Queensland Genealogy blog.

  • If you want more research tips, see my Twitter page.

  • A person cannot email you if your Internet Service Provider will not accept mail from theirs. This sometimes prevents me from replying to enquiries. To avoid this problem, get a second (free) email address and quote both addresses in your emails and letters. This will also ensure that people can contact you in the years ahead even if you have changed Internet Service Providers.

  • To reduce spam, please do NOT quote my email address in mailing list or newsgroup messages, and do NOT put it anywhere on the Internet. Instead, refer people to my Home Page, which shows my current main and alternative email addresses as images.

24 July 2010

  • There have been major changes in regard to Queensland's birth, death and marriage records.

14 July 2010

18 Apr 2010

  • My Web site now has over 3,000 names from mental asylum case books (which begin in 1860), and more will be added soon. There are case book entries for many people for whom there is no Public Curator insanity file. Case books usually give admission and discharge/death date, age, marital status, number of children, occupation, country of birth, residence, religion, mental disorder and its onset, changes in behaviour and general health, and a physical description. Many entries include names of 'insane relatives' and comments such as 'works in the laundry' or 'good bowler at cricket'.

  • There are at least 24 Queensland mailing lists hosted by Rootsweb. Family and local history groups should use the AUS-GEN-EVENTS list to inform the genealogical community about your society's publications and special events.

Dec 2009

  • Lisa Burton,, would like to hear from anyone researching immigrants on the 'Diana' to Moreton Bay (May 1858).

  • Peter Ludlow's Web site about the history of Moreton Bay, especially Peel Island and its Quarantine and Leprosy Stations and Inebriates' Home, has moved.

Sep 2009

  • The 2012 Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry is in Adelaide, South Australia, 28-31 March 2012. The next one will be in Canberra in 2015, then Sydney in 2018 and Brisbane in 2021.

  • Sydney Benevolent Asylum Index 1857-1900 is a superb new resource that includes some people from Queensland.

Aug 2008

  • The Qld Research Tips Webpage has been updated and expanded. It refers to births, deaths and marriages (civil registration records and alternative sources); immigration records; wills and intestacies; electoral rolls (and how the three series of rolls differ); inquests and 'no inquest' records; Benevolent Asylum records; illegitimate children; and people who 'vanished' (asylums, police records and other sources).

  • Annual Reports of the Asylums for the Insane often give ship of arrival, age, marital status, date of immigration, date admitted to asylum, and remarks such as 'discharged recovered', 'deserted by her parents', 'epileptic', 'emigrated to Sydney', 'mother died in asylum in England', etc. A list of patients/ships includes some patients admitted before 1888.

Apr 2008

  • Brisbane City (Council) Archives are now at 115 Muriel Avenue, Moorooka.

Dec 2007

  • There are some new indexes on the Qld State Archives Web site. NOTE: (1) The immigration indexes do NOT include all records for those time periods. You must also check the card index to immigrants, card index to land orders, indexes to nominated immigrants and their nominators, etc. (2) The indexes to wills are only for wills in the ecclesiastical series. If you don't find an entry there, check indexes to the Public Curator series. (3) For more advice on these topics, see Tips for Qld Research.

Aug 2007

Jul 2007

  • The Ryerson Index is now at It has death notices from many areas including Qld.

Sep 2006

Mar 2006

Aug 2005

  • I anticipate that all hospital admission registers less than 100 yrs old will be closed. Qld Health has already closed the Burketown Hospital admission register, so use the ones for Croydon, Cooktown, Ingham and Muttaburra now!

Feb 2005

Sep 2003

  • A microfiche index to Presbyterian baptisms 1845-1920, from all over Qld, is available from the Presbyterian Church of Qld, PO Box 1508, Fortitude Valley Qld 4006 ($40 incl. postage). The index gives surname, Christian name, dates of birth and baptism, Church, father's Christian name, mother's Christian name and maiden name.

Dec 2002

  • There are now no access restrictions on Supreme Court wills and intestacies held at Qld State Archives.

Jun 2002

  • Address of the Chinese-Australian Historical Association is PO Box 4299, Eight Mile Plains Qld 4113.

Jul 2001

  • The closure period for Police Dept. Commissioner's Office murder files has reverted to only 65 years.

May 2000

  • When Qld State Archives' card index to gold mining leases 1871-1919 and mineral leases 1884- 1940 was checked against the original registers, it was found to contain a high proportion of errors and omissions.  You are strongly advised to check the new version of the index, as hundreds of entries have been added.

Nov 1998

  • Queensland Rail's staff history records were transferred from Ipswich to Records Management and Storage Services, Queensland Rail, GPO Box 1429, Brisbane Qld 4001 - phone (07) 3235 2365.  Various records of railway employees, including staff books 1884-1946 (which sometimes give an exact date of birth) are also held by Qld State Archives.

Before Nov 1998

  • A ship's passenger list for the Young Australia, 21 Jul 1863, was discovered in an obscure bundle at Qld State Archives.
  • The History of Queensland Education Society encourages and promotes the study of educational history;  arranges meetings, seminars etc.;  publishes material which promotes the study of educational history in Qld; supplements the work of the Educational History Services of the Department of Education;  fosters links with schools, colleges and universities; cooperates with other historical societies;  and sends members The Educational Historian.  In 1997 the address was HQES, PO Box 12116, Brisbane Elizabeth Street, Qld 4002.

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