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What's New?
A summary of the main additions (but you should also monitor individual pages and my other sites)

13 August 2017
  • Nine hundred (900) names added to the page about illegitimate children whose father is identified in a historical document in a record office or library. Use the 'Receive email' button on that page to be notified when more names are added. See also 'Interim Index' below.

  • Interim Index: 200 names added. They almost certainly include some mothers of illegitimate children, but because the document does not use the word 'illegitimate', I've put them in the Interim Index, not the Illegitimate Index.

  • Maintenance payments to deserted wives and children:  page has been updated with over 880 names.

  • More names were added to Photos and Sketches of People (found in various archival record series in which photos are accompanied by biographical or historical details).

  • Mental asylum records: I corrected an entry (name is actually 'Joseph Wilson HENRY').

  • Reminder! For many historical documents that I've indexed, copies of the original records are cheaper until the end of August. For some records I also offer a 'source reference only' service (for family historians who just want to know how to get the copies themselves). Details are on Web pages with lists of names.

  • New articles added to Queensland Genealogy and Genealogy Leftovers (links open in a new window).

  • Genealogy Discounts and Freebies has a new offer (ending 31 Aug 2017).

  • For my talk at Cooroy ('Court records for family and local history'), admission is free but bookings are essential.
July 2017

May 2017
  • I've added 155 names to my list of patients with entries in mental asylum case books. Case books (which begin in 1860) include many details that are not in insanity files.

  • Copies of old age pension records are half price for 2 days! Offer ends 9am Wed. 31 May 2017.
April 2017
  • Prize Draws & Competitions: This new page (launched today) gives you the chance to win a fabulous genealogy prize valued at $114.50. Entries close 26 Apr 2017, so be quick!
March 2017
  • Missing Friends index: 200 names added. The original records provide superb details for family history.

  • Genealogy Discounts & Freebies has been updated several times, including 29th March. You may have missed some short-term offers, so check your ChangeDetection settings. For that page ( set the frequency to 'daily' so you won't miss a notification if a second offer is added within a week. (My Web pages are specially coded so that 'daily' just means 'when new items are added, even if it's less than a week'.)

  • Old Age Pension records: changes to the copying service.

  • Updates Genie: two new editions (March 16th & 20th) with family history news, tips and links from around the world.

January 2017 25 July 2016
  • Names added to the Interim Index include some from Court records for young women (under 21 years of age) who applied for permission to marry but later changed their mind.

  • I am updating my client records. If I have done research for you, or if you are/were on my mailing list, I invite you to contact me to confirm your preferred/alternative email addresses. Use this address (shown as an image): Image of email address. I also invite expressions of interest in a new edition of my book Tips for Queensland Research.
16 Jun 2016
  • Birth indexes up to 1919 (not just mid-1916) for Queensland are now online (the article opens in a new window).

  • The page Privacy, Copyright and Sharing: Tips for Genealogy has been updated with (1) a link to The Legal Genealogist's article 'Blurring the Lines', and (2) the National Genealogical Society's new guidelines for sharing information with others.
25 May 2016
  • For many of the historical records that I've indexed (see, I've reduced my fees for supplying copies of the original documents. I've also changed the wording in the 'Copying Service' section on some pages to make it easier to see how to order copies.
December 2015
  • More names added from my index to headstones on graves in Eulo cemetery.
November 2015

6 Oct 2015
  • Missing Friends records:  Almost 200 more names were added to this list today. It includes people sought (for many reasons) by relatives or friends; runaway children; eloping daughters; wife/child deserters; absconders from reformatories or from employment; missing beneficiaries of wills; suspected bigamists; etc. The records have historical background, biographical details and/or physical descriptions. Most give the enquirer's name/address, and many say when/where the subject was found or last seen. Superb for family history!
18 May 2015
  • A link ('Search this site') at the top left of most pages on this site leads to a search box plus important tips.

  • Names recently added to my Interim List include some for witnesses at inquests. The original records include a signed deposition in which the witness explains his/her involvement.
9 Apr 2015 2 Sep 2014
  • There has been a huge amount of interest in my latest article, 'Use FreeBMD postems to find new relatives'.  It describes a simple strategy that has worked for me, so if any of your relatives were born, married or died in England or Wales from 1837 onwards, it may work for you too.
20 July 2014
  • 'Links' page updated with new recommendations.

  • I can now deliver some clients' research reports or document copies online via Dropbox.
16 Feb 2014 8 Dec 2013
  • Suggested Reading:  I created a new Web page listing books / eBooks including genealogy guides, social histories and other background reading for family historians, and genealogical crime mysteries (fiction).

  • Genealogy updates by email:  A technical fault may mean that you are not receiving these now. To check, enter your address at 'Receive Updates' on UpdatesGenie (which replaced my newsletter) and 'Follow by email' on UK / Australia Genealogy, then 'submit' and follow instructions on the screen. New material was recently added to both sites.
17 Oct 2013 29 Sep 2013
  • This site has had a makeover, and it has been expanded to 135 pages (plus my family tree). Note the 'Other suggestions' section near the bottom of many pages. Read the new site navigation tips.

  • My Web site has been at  (my own domain name) for more than a year, so the old site will cease to exist tomorrow. Please update your bookmarks and fix your ChangeDetection settings now!

  • If you have a Web site or blog that links to my site, update those links so that your visitors do not get a 'page not found' error message.
August 2013 18 July 2013 5 July 2013 1 Jun 2013
  • My 'Queensland Genealogy' blog now has a section (in the sidebar) called 'Categories' (BDMs, Hidden treasures, Indexes, People (names), Places, Sources, Tips, Warnings, Websites). Click a category to see a page with all posts on that topic. See also the complete list of keywords at the bottom of that page.
22 Apr 2013 23 Aug 2012
  • Names recently added to my Interim List are for witnesses at inquests. The original records include a signed deposition in which the witness explains his/her involvement.
Apr 2011
  • Updates Genie has now completely replaced my Newsflash page. It allows you to read my news on the Internet, or receive it by email, or subscribe to an RSS feed - all free of charge. Updates Genie will have genealogy news and tips from all over the world (Queensland, other Australian States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc.) You will find out about indexes, Web sites, books, CDs, podcasts, record offices, research techniques, discounts and freebies, events such as family history fairs, seminars and conferences, and lots more. There will also be links to longer articles that I publish elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Do you know Maria JONES? She sent a payment but did not tell me her postal or email address.

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