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Qld Colonial Secretary's Office in-letters, 1860s / 1870s:
 Benevolent Asylum patients and others

While using Colonial Secretary's Office in-letters, my friends and I noted various documents that are useful for genealogy. Some are about inmates of Dunwich Benevolent Asylum. Others are about various topics including orphans, requests for assistance, naturalisations, certificates etc.

Explanation of names below:

Names, with index code for ordering copies

AH BOW Jimmy, 7:p7:249-5763
AH GEE, 7:p1:157-1686
AH HING, 6:p7:90-1118
AH HUN, 7:p7:244-4401
AH MOY, 7:p8:262-2779
AHEARN Patrick, 6:p7:94-2042
AHERN Patrick, 6:p7:93-1909
ALLCOTT James, 7:p8:262-2712
ALLEN Rosina, 7:p5:213-2323
ALONE Margaret, 7:p1:156-1454
ALONE Margaret, 7:p5:205-239
ALONE Margaret Agnes, 6:p8:101-414
ALONZO Petro, 7:p8:251-222
ALTHERS Catherine, 6:p7:96-2644
ALTHERS Catherine, 6:p8:101-333
ANDERSON Frederick Thervald, 7:p5:205-87
ANDERSON William, 7:p1:162-2815
ASHLEY William, 7:p5:207-944-A
ASHTON Henry, 7:p1:153-565
ASHTON John (or WILSON), 7:p1:152-341
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BAILEY Isabella, 7:p7:248-5416
BAILEY Joseph (see BAILEY Isabella)
BALL A, 7:p5:214-2680
BALL A, 7:p5:214-2992
BALL A M, 7:p5:214-2681
BALL B?, 7:p5:209-1348
BARR William, 7:p5:211-1872
BARR William, 7:p5:212-2142
BARRY Patrick, 7:p5:206-626
BARTON William, 7:p5:214-2658
BARWICK John, 7:p5:211-1841
BATES Henry, 7:p5:211-1840
BAXTER Samuel, 7:p5:214-2958
BEHAN Margaret, 7:p2:171-1510
BERKELEY John, 6:p7:94-2305
BETTESWORTH Enoch, 7:p5:208-1101
BEVERIDGE Robert, 7:p7:242-3755
BINDON Maria, 7:p1:159-2032
BLACK Margaret, 7:p5:213-2324
BLAKE Patrick, 7:p5:212-2250
BLAKE Patrick, 7:p7:240-3352
BLAKENEY Edward, 7:p5:213-2432
BLANCK John, 6:p8:110-2517-1M
BLAS Coleana, 7:p5:214-2774
BLAS Coleana, 7:p5:215-3117
BLESSINGTON Elizabeth, 7:p8:251-225
BLUME Mary Ann, 7:p5:209-1278
BORN Emma, 7:p1:153-590
BORN Emma, 7:p1:162-2811
BOSTOCK Ruth, 7:p5:205-109
BRIEN Patrick, 6:p7:94-2172
BROCKET Esther, 7:p5:210-1639
BROCKETT Hester, 7:p5:208-1068
BROHM Thomas, 6:p7:91-1212
BRYDEN William, 6:p7:91-1302
BUCKHOLTZ Emilia, 7:p5:205-137
BUFS Conrad ? (see BUSS)
BULGIN A, 7:p5:213-2364
BULGIN Arthur, 7:p5:212-2083
BULGIN Arthur, 7:p5:213-2416
BURGES William, 7:p8:261-2676
BURNES Samuel, 6:p7:96-2721
BURTON Ann, 6:p7:93-1936
BUSHBY G ?, 7:p5:214-2680
BUSHBY S, 7:p5:207-804
BUSHBY S, 7:p5:209-1348
BUSHBY S, 7:p5:210-1545
BUSHBY S, 7:p5:213-2364
BUSHBY S, 7:p5:214-2781
BUSHBY S, 7:p5:214-2992
BUSHBY Susannah, 7:p1:158-1890
BUTLER John William, 7:p1:161-2612
BUTTENSHAW James, 7:p5:210-1741
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CALLAGHAN John, 7:p1:156-1317
CALLAGHAN John, 7:p1:157-1680
CALLAGHAN William, 7:p1:154-1050
CALLAGHAN William, 7:p1:154-883
CALLAGHAN William, 7:p1:154-971
CAMPBELL Hugh, 6:p7:90-974
CARPENTER Annie Elizabeth, 7:p5:215-3137
CARR Mary, 6:p7:90-1126
CARTER Elizabeth, 7:p5:205-231
CASS Ellen, 7:p8:262-2814
CHIEN POW, 7:p8:262-2868
CHOO FOO (see FOO Choo)
CLANCY Maria, 7:p5:215-3047
CLARK Thomas, 7:p0:186-1324
CLARKE Thomas, 7:p8:267-4326
CLARKE Thomas, 7:p8:267?-4388
CLISSOL Samuel, 7:p1:154-819
COCKING Elizabeth, 7:p5:213-2503
COCKING Elizabeth, 7:p5:214-2892
COFFEY E, 7:p5:214-2781
COFFEY Emelia, 7:p5:213-2629
COFFEY John, 6:p7:90-984
COFFEY John, 6:p8:110-2517-2M
COLEMAN D, 7:p5:207-804
COLEMAN Daniel, 7:p5:206-624
COLEMAN Mary, 7:p0:186-1269
COLEMAN Sarah, 7:p5:209-1273
COLLINS Ellen, 7:p5:208-1067
COOKE Jones ?, 6:p7:90-1099
CORCORAN Johanna, 7:p1:152-401
CORCORAN Patrick, 7:p1:152-401
CRAWLEY Thomas, 6:p7:92-1726
CROSBIE Margaret, 7:p1:154-1239
CROSBIE Margaret, 7:p1:156-1366
CROSS Fanny, 7:p5:215-3179
CUDDY Michael, 6:p7:92-1618
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DAKE William (or DUKE?), 7:p5:211-1808
DARRAGH Anne, 7:p5:210-1691
DAVENEY Denis, 7:p1:158-1995
DAWSON J, 7:p5:213-2364
DAWSON James, 7:p5:214-2744
DAWSON James (alias WILLES), 7:p5:212-2172
DAXEL William, 7:p5:208-1057
DAXEL William, 7:p5:209-1531
DAXEL William, 7:p5:210-1545
DAY Estcourt (sic), 7:p5:214-2713
DELANEY Michael, 7:p1:154-1138
DELEMON Walter ?, 7:p5:205-86
DELEMORE Walter ?, 7:p5:208-1101
DENEEN Edward, 7:p5:212-2016
DICK John, 6:p7:91-1384
DICKENS Henry, 7:p1:153-555
DICKENS Henry John, 6:p8:100-241
DICKIN Henry John, 7:p1:157-1512
DILLON James, 6:p7:94-2052
DINEEN Edward, 7:p5:213-2376
DITTON N, 6:p7:90-1077
DIXON Benjamin, 7:p5:214-2987
DIXON Benjamin, 7:p5:215-3116
DONAGH Anne, 7:p5:205-109
DONNELLY E, 7:p5:207-804
DONNELLY E, 7:p5:209-1348
DONNELLY E, 7:p5:209-1368
DONNELLY Ellen, 7:p5:212-2025
DOONAN Mary, 7:p7:245-4905
DORWARD George, 7:p5:215-3111
DOYLE Patrick, 7:p5:214-2989
DUKE William (see DAKE)
DUNNE Robert, 7:p5:214-2777
DWYER Patrick, 7:p1:160-2266
DWYER Patrick, 7:p1:160-2497
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EBENSTON Joshua, 7:p5:207-784
ECHLIN Thomas, 7:p9:269-129
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FAHEY Michael, 7:p5:209-2461
FAHEY Michael, 7:p5:210-1742
FARRELL Eliza, 7:p1:156-1435
FEENEY Charles, 7:p8:262-2829
FICHER Sarah, 7:p7:242-3945
FINGER -, 7:p5:210-1583
FINGER C (or FINGAR), 7:p5:214-2992
FINGER Conrad, 7:p5:207-943-A
FINGER Conrad, 7:p5:214-2678
FINN Ellen, 7:p7:240-3410
FIRMIN Fanny, 7:p5:208-1067
FITZGERALD Mary (ship 'Windsor Castle'), 7:p7:245-4840
FITZPATRICK Michael, 7:p5:205-108
FLETCHER Robert, 6:p7:89-767
FLETCHER Robert, 6:p7:90-974
FLORIN J, 7:p5:213-2364
FLORIN John, 7:p5:212-2167
FLORIN John, 7:p5:214-2703
FOO Choo, 7:p5:209-1427
FOSTER Alice (ship 'Windsor Castle'), 7:p7:245-4840
FOSTER William, 7:p1:152-434
FOWLER James, 7:p7:245-4991
FRANCES Amelia, 7:p5:212-2017
FRANCIS Amelia, 7:p5:212-2292
FRANCKSEN Vladimir, 7:p1:154-956
FREER William G, 6:p7:94-2155
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GAMNESSON Ole ?, 7:p5:211-1916
GAUNNESSON Ole ?, 7:p5:208-1036
GIBBS Elizabeth, 7:p5:206-623
GIBBS Elizabeth, 7:p5:209-1421
GIBLIN Kate, 7:p1:157-1570
GIDDING William, 6:p7:90-1182
GIDDING William, 6:p7:91-1498
GILBERT George, 7:p7:245-4841
GILLAN Susan, 7:p1:154-754
GLASS Emily, 7:p5:208-1067
GORDON J, 7:p5:214-2781
GORDON Joseph, 7:p5:213-2504
GORDON Norman, 6:p7:96-2717
GOTTLIEB William, 7:p5:213-2505
GRATTAN Thomas, 6:p7:92-1617
GREEN Edwin, 6:p7:94-2284
GREEN James, 6:p7:90-932
GYSIE Jacob, 7:p1:161-2614
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HANCOCK A, 7:p5:213-2364
HANCOCK A, 7:p5:214-2781
HANCOCK Arthur, 7:p5:209-1484
HARNEY Jeremiah, 6:p7:92-1518
HARNEY Jeremiah, 6:p7:94-2213
HARPER James (or HARPUR), 6:p7:91-1241
HARPUR James, 6:p7:91-1498
HARPUR James (or HARPER), 6:p7:91-1241
HAYES William, 7:p8:261-2675
HAYES Winnefred, 6:p7:96-2618
HEAD George, 6:p7:89-891
HEAD George, 6:p7:90-1099
HENNESSEY Michael, 7:p1:154-1214
HENNESSY Michael, 7:p1:158-1852
HENRY James, 6:p7:90-1077
HERON Frederick, 7:p5:208-1101
HERRENSCHMIDT Elizabeth, 7:p7:244-4400
HI HUNG YECK, 7:p7:249-5583
HINXMAN Rebecca, 6:p7:91-1431
HODGSON Herbert, 7:p1:153-705
HOFFMAN John, 6:p7:96-2723
HOFFMAN Joseph, 7:p7:248-5384
HOGAN Patrick, 7:p1:156-1378
HOLMES Mary Ann, 6:p7:91-1414
HOLMES Mary Ann, 6:p7:94-2212
HOUSTON Catherine, 7:p7:245-4780
HOY, 6:p7:92-1504
HUGHES Thomas, 7:p1:160-2245
HUSSEY Ann, 7:p7:240-3349
HYLAND James, 7:p5:212-2013
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JACKSON Eliza, 7:p5:212-2168
JACOBSON Amelia, 7:p5:205-182
JACOBSON Emily, 7:p5:208-1042
JAMIESON John, 6:p7:97-2971
JENKINS Frederick (son of James), 7:p8:262-2966
JOB James, 7:p7:245-4843
JOHNSON James, 6:p7:93-1862
JOHNSON John, 6:p8:101-432
JONES Henry, 6:p7:91-1369
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KANE Thomas, 7:p5:214-2775
KAVANAGH Ellen, 7:p1:154-983
KAY Dan, 6:p8:110-2517-1M
KEEDLE Harry, 7:p5:210-1802
KEENAN Laurence, 6:p7:89-767
KELLEY James (sic), 7:p5:213-2628
KELLEY John, 7:p1:153-646
KELLY Catherine, 7:p5:210-1784
KENNANE Winifred, 7:p1:156-1334
KENNANE Winifred (see also KINANE)
KENNEDY M, 7:p5:214-2781
KENNEDY Martin, 7:p5:214-2654
KERSLEY Thomas, 7:p1:162-2810
KILTY Patrick, 7:p5:205-181
KIMBOO, 6:p8:110-2517-2M
KINANE Winifred, 7:p1:156-1424
KINANE Winifred, 7:p5:213-2365
KINANE Winifred (see also KENNANE)
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LAFFEN John ?, 7:p5:209-1482
LAWSON Edward, 6:p7:91-1476
LEAHEY Catherine, 7:p5:208-1038
LEAHY Kate (ship 'Windsor Castle'), 7:p7:245-4840
LEONARD Bacom (see Bacon LEONARD)
LEONARD Bacon, 7:p5:207-864
LEONARD Bacon, 7:p5:213-2627
LEONARD Bacon, 7:p7:242-3756
LEONG CHOW, 7:p8:261-2573
LEWIS Henry, 6:p7:92-1726
LIVINGSTONE Mary Anne, 6:p7:94-2473
LONG John, 7:p1:152-260
LONG William, 6:p7:90-1077
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McBETH James, 7:p5:207-863
McBETH James, 7:p5:215-3118
McCALLAGAN Rose, 7:p5:209-1348
McCALLAGHAN Rose, 7:p5:207-765
McCALLAGHAN Rose, 7:p5:209-1281
McCALLUM Bridget, 7:p1:162-2809
McCORMACK Kate, 7:p1:153-685
McDEVETT Francis, 7:p5:209-1275
McDEVITT Francis, 7:p5:212-2210
McFADDYEN Mary, 6:p7:96-2597
McGRATH H, 7:p5:214-2781
McGRATH Honora, 7:p5:214-2656
McLEAN Malcolm, 7:p5:205-109
McLEAN Malcolm, 7:p5:209-1516
McLERMAN Bruce, 7:p7:243-4012
McMAHAN Charles ?, 7:p5:206-625
McMAHON C, 7:p5:207-804
McMAHON Charles, 7:p5:208-1101
McMURRAY Sarah, 7:p1:156-1453
McPHERSON Alexander, 7:p1:160-2475
McPIKE Dorothy, 7:p5:209-1389
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MACCALLUM John, 7:p1:157-1603
MACPHERSON John ?, 7:p1:162-2814
MAHER M, 7:p5:213-2364
MAHER Mary, 7:p5:212-2169
MAHER Mary, 7:p5:214-2994
MAINZ Mary Ann (or MAYNE), 7:p1:159-2195
MARKS - (Mrs, of Port Douglas), 7:p8:262-2938
MARKWELL Benjamin, 6:p7:94-2360
MARSEN Catherine, 7:p7:244-4399
MARTIN John, 7:p5:213-2433
MATHEWS Job (sic), 7:p5:213-2322
MATTHEWS Job, 7:p5:205-162
MAYNARD Frederick George, 7:p5:207-703
MAYNE Mary Ann (see MAINZ)
MEEK John, 6:p7:91-1470
MILES Edward, 6:p7:93-1901
MILWAY Frank (see MILWAY James)
MILWAY James, 7:p7:245-4835
MILWAY Margaret (see MILWAY James)
MINOPRIO Henry ?, 6:p8:100-136
MITCHELL Ellen, 7:p5:208-1037
MOFFATT Joanna, 7:p5:207-941-A
MOHR John, 6:p7:90-1025
MOORE Ann, 7:p5:212-2018
MOORE Mary, 7:p5:214-2712
MORAN William, 6:p8:101-338
MOSS Jacob, 6:p7:97-2877
MULLER Frederick, 7:p1:154-820
MULVIHILL Bridget, 7:p5:210-1640
MULVIHILL Bridget, 7:p5:213-2460
MURPHY Bridget, 6:p7:93-2000
MURRAY A, 7:p5:214-2781
MURRAY Ann, 7:p5:214-2657
MURRAY Catherine, 7:p7:249-5503
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NAUMANN Heinrich, 7:p1:154-884
NAUMANN Henrick ?, 7:p1:154-1203
NOUGHTON James, 7:p5:208-1035
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OCONNOR John, 6:p7:92-1666
ODONNELL J, 7:p5:214-2992
ODONNELL John, 7:p5:214-2776
ODONNELL John, 7:p5:216-3337
ODOWD Ellen, 7:p1:161-2615
OHARA A, 7:p5:207-804
OHARE Andrew, 7:p5:206-590
OHARE Andrew, 7:p5:214-2986
OLOUGHLIN Ellen, 7:p1:152-259
ONEIL John, 7:p1:153-566
ONEIL John, 7:p1:154-803
OREILLY Anthony, 7:p5:210-1785
ORR Phoebe, 7:p5:205-109
OSHEA Michael, 6:p7:94-2459
OSHEA Michael, 7:p1:154-806
OSULLIVAN James, 7:p7:240-3351
OSULLIVAN Margaret, 7:p1:157-1699
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PAGEL Jane, 7:p5:207-862
PARK Robert, 7:p1:154-956
PARKENSON Charles, 7:p5:207-865
PARKINSON Charles, 7:p5:207-930
PATRICK William, 6:p7:90-1099
PATRICK William, 6:p7:90-974
PATTERSON John, 7:p7:240-3411
PATTERSON John, 7:p7:245-4753
PAUL James, 6:p8:110-2517-2M
PETERS Joseph, 6:p8:101-351
PETERSEN Kohn, 7:p5:209-1429
PISTORIUS Frederick, 7:p1:155-1089
PISTORIUS Frederick, 7:p1:155-1215
PISTORIUS Frederick, 7:p1:155-1255
PISTORIUS Frederick, 7:p1:155-1281
PITT Elizabeth, 6:p8:101-415
PORTER A, 7:p5:214-2781
PORTER Alexander, 7:p5:214-2655
PRICE George, 7:p1:161-2575
PURVIS James, 6:p7:89-891
PURVIS James, 6:p7:90-974
PURVIS James, 6:p7:96-2722
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QUINN Michael, 6:p7:93-1840
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RAMM Clara, 6:p7:94-2007
RANCE Martha, 7:p7:240-3412
RATALLICK John, 6:p7:90-1182
REINHARD Emily, 7:p5:205-232
RETELLICK J, 6:p7:90-1077
RICE Catherine, 7:p5:212-2056
RICKARBY Catherine, 7:p8:262-2797
RIDGEWAY George, 7:p5:210-1783
ROBERTS J, 7:p5:214-2992
ROBERTS John, 7:p5:214-2710
ROBINSON Samuel Francis, 7:p5:214-2988
ROBINSON Thomas, 7:p5:212-2166
ROBINSON Thomas, 7:p5:213-2469
ROSS E L, 7:p5:213-2364
ROSS Elizabeth, 7:p5:213-2430
ROWLAND B, 7:p5:207-804
ROWLAND B, 7:p5:213-2364
ROWLAND B, 7:p5:214-2992
ROWLAND Ben, 7:p5:210-1545
RUDDER Catherine, 7:p5:209-1483
RYAN Norah, 7:p8:262-2737
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SABLE J, 7:p5:207-804
SABLE Joe, 7:p5:206-627
SANDBERY Erck, 7:p1:159-2115
SCHIVARTY John ?, 7:p1:154-1130
SCHLEGER August, 7:p5:211-1871
SCHLEGER Christian August, 7:p5:213-2417
SCHMIDT Henry, 7:p1:154-1130
SCHULTZ Henry, 7:p1:156-1430
SCHULTZ Henry, 7:p1:160-2319
SEGERSON William, 7:p5:213-2470
SHEFFLER Christian, 6:p7:96-2646
SHERIDAN Charles, 7:p5:208-1101
SIDEMIUS Frances Ann, 7:p5:205-233
SIDEMIUS Frances Anne, 7:p5:208-1042
SIMPSON, 7:p5:210-1608
SIN AP LEE, 7:p7:249-5763
SKELTON Mary, 7:p1:161-2613
SLADEN Henry, 7:p1:159-2146
SMITH George, 7:p9:269-129
SMITH John, 7:p1:162-2812
SMITH Mary, 7:p5:207-901
SMITH Mary, 7:p5:209-1387
SMITH Mary, 7:p8:261-2606
SMITH Mary Ann, 6:p7:92-1505
SMITH N, 7:p5:214-2781
SMITH Noel, 7:p5:213-2459
SMITH Noel, 7:p5:214-2679
SMITH Robert, 7:p5:206-591
SMITH William, 7:p5:205-85
SOMMER George (or SUMMER), 6:p8:100-172
SPICER Julia Cecilia, 7:p8:261-2521
STANLEY Annie, 7:p1:157-1725
STANLEY Annie, 7:p1:158-1821
STEMP Eliza, 7:p8:262-2980
STEVENS William, 7:p5:209-1274
STOCKMAN John, 7:p5:207-704
STOCKMAN John, 7:p5:212-2015
STOWELL Hugh, 7:p1:154-755
STUPART R ?, 7:p5:207-804
SULLIVAN C, 7:p5:213-2364
SULLIVAN Catherine, 7:p5:212-2170
SULLIVAN Catherine, 7:p5:216-3331
SULLIVAN D, 7:p5:213-2364
SUMMER George (or SOMMER), 6:p8:100-172
SYMON Thomas, 7:p7:244-4315
How to get copies

TARRANT Alice, 7:p7:242-3754
TATAM Herbert Henry, 6:p7:94-2085
TAYLOR Samuel, 6:p7:93-1828
THRELFALL Charles, 7:p5:207-765
THRELFALL Charles, 7:p5:208-1122
TIERNEY John, 6:p7:96-2681
TIN Hannah ? (see Ann WOODWORTH)
TOMLINSON Edward, 6:p8:100-160
TURLEY Michael, 7:p1:153-712
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VAUGHAN C, 7:p5:213-2364
VAUGHAN C, 7:p5:214-2681
VAUGHAN Charles, 7:p5:212-2171
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WALKER Alice (ship 'Windsor Castle'), 7:p7:245-4840
WALKER William, 7:p5:213-2418
WALLOCK John, 6:p7:89-793
WALSH M, 6:p7:90-1077
WALTERS Jane, 7:p8:261-2556
WARD Frederick, 7:p5:207-942-A
WARD Frederick, 7:p5:208-1116
WATERS Andrew, 7:p8:262-2850
WATSON Alexander, 7:p5:214-2955
WEALLS Isaac, 6:p7:91-1450
WEIR Thomas, 7:p1:158-1810
WEISHEIT Gustav (see also WISSHEIT)
WEISHERT G ?, 7:p5:210-1545
WELLS Asael ?, 7:p1:152-358
WELLS Robert (see FEENEY Charles)
WELSBY M ? (or W?), 7:p5:214-2992
WELSBY W, 7:p5:214-2681
WELSBY W ?, 7:p5:209-1348
WELSBY W ?, 7:p5:209-1368
WENTWORTH George, 6:p7:89-767
WENZEL H, 7:p5:213-2364
WENZEL H, 7:p5:214-2681
WENZEL H, 7:p5:214-2992
WENZEL Henry, 7:p5:208-1057
WENZEL Henry, 7:p5:210-1545
WENZEL Henry, 7:p5:214-2680
WENZELL Eliza, 7:p7:240-3350
WHITE Ellen, 6:p7:97-2908
WHITE Thomas, 7:p5:210-1740
WHITE Thomas, 7:p5:212-2213
WHITE Thomas, 7:p5:213-2434
WILD John, 6:p8:110-2517-1M
WILD John, 6:p8:110-2517-2M
WILD John, 6:p8:110-2517-4M
WILDEY Joseph, 6:p8:101-432
WILDEY Mary, 6:p8:101-432
WILDEY Mary Jane, 6:p8:101-432
WILDEY Sarah, 6:p8:101-432
WILLES James (or DAWSON), 7:p5:212-2172
WILLIAMS Charles, 6:p7:90-1099
WILLIAMS George, 6:p7:97-2932
WILLIAMS Rebecca, 7:p7:245-4842
WILSON John, 7:p1:152-341
WILSON Margaret, 7:p5:215-3032
WISHART John, 7:p1:162-2792
WISSHEIT Gustav, 7:p5:209-1430
WISSHEIT Gustav (see also WEISHERT)
WOLLOCK John, 6:p7:91-1303
WRAY George, 7:p5:208-1146
WYLAM Ralph, 6:p7:90-961
WYLAN Ralph, 6:p7:90-1137
How to get copies

YERMAN David, 7:p8:261-2616
YIN Hannah ? (see Ann WOODWORTH)

Copying service.

Genealogy is my business (not just a hobby), so I charge fees for my time, regardless of the result. I've spent over 35 years learning about (and indexing) original records, and it takes time/money to consult my index, travel to a record office in Brisbane, find the relevant bundle/volume and file/page, get digital images and send them to you.

Option 1:  If you want a digital image of the original document (sent via the Internet), my fee is $10 for one entry plus $8 for each additional entry requested at the same time. If the same name is listed (above) twice, that is two entries. You must quote the name and index code exactly as it appears above. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page).

Option 2:  I will (for a fee of $2 per entry) provide source references (the record office, its location number for the source, the letter number and year) so you can do the work yourself. You must quote the name and index code exactly as it appears above. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page).

Other Suggestions

Missing Friends records

Files about repayment of fares

'Interim Index'

Police Station watchhouse charge books

Prison records (eg, for Townsville)

My other genealogy sites have additional advice and names.

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