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Why I use & recommend Findmypast

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Copying, Research & Other Genealogy Services

This site uses terms that appear in historical records. No offence is intended.

I've spent over 35 years, and thousands of dollars, learning about research techniques and historical records. Genealogical research is my business, and I charge fees for my time. I cannot give free advice by email (but a huge amount of advice is on this site and my other genealogy sites - see below).

My professional services, for which fees apply:

  1. Copying Service for original historical records that I've indexed (the 70,000 names on my Web site, which include interstate and overseas residents mentioned in records held in Queensland).  On each page with names, see the section (near the end of that page) marked 'Copying Service' or similar, and carefully follow the instructions there.  I cannot do anything until you follow those instructions.

  2. Apart from those 'copying' jobs, the only requests that I would now consider are:

Free advice:

I'm now semi-retired (working about one day per week) and I cannot give free advice by email, but you may find answers to your questions on this site or my other genealogy sites. Start with:

Other professional researchers:

I'm often asked to recommend other professional genealogists. It is my policy to do so only if I have personally used their services and found their work to be of a very high standard.

Research in Victoria:

Research in other areas:

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Read why I use and recommend Findmypast


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