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Why I use and recommend Findmypast

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Genealogy Discounts and Freebies

When I hear about discounts and freebies for genealogy, I mention them on at least one of these sites (links open in new windows):  (1) this page;  (2) my 'Judy Webster Genealogy' Facebook page;  (3) 'JudyQld' on Twitter. Some content contains affiliate links. If you buy via those links, you still pay the same price and I earn a small commission, which helps to keep my Website online.

Current Offers

Take advantage of these specials while they last, and watch for other discounts and freebies to be listed here in the future. Links open in new windows.

  • (NEW)  If you're in Australia, Ancestry's DNA tests are available at a discount price until 8 May 2022.

  • The 1921 census of England and Wales (index and images) went online in January 2022. Initially the images are only available via pay-per-view access, but if you have a *12* month *Pro* subscription you'll get 10% discount on any 1921 census purchases.

  • If you have a 12 month subscription to Findmypast and allow it to renew automatically, you'll get a loyalty discount (usually 15%).

  • You'll often find discount prices on books from my favourite online bookshop. Check whether they include any of the books on my 'genealogy/history recommended reading' list.

  • (As I've said since early 2021...)  If you're interested in any of the 70,000 names on this Website, order copies now because some of the copying services will be withdrawn, and for others, prices may increase significantly - due to Government policy, not mine! For up-to-date details, see 'Copying Service' below each list of names.

  • Family Group Sheet:  You're welcome to download (free) the customised Family Group Sheet that I designed for my own use. It includes features that most group sheets don't have. No matter what filing system you use, I strongly advise you to write all birth, marriage and death information (and other basic details) on Family Group Sheets. Refer to them when you're doing Internet searches or visiting libraries or archives. The free Family Group Sheet is on my Downloads page.

  • Almost 1 billion original census, parish and military records from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the USA are always FREE to *VIEW* (not just free to search). No need for a subscription or credit card - just register (free).

  • New users can get a 14 day free trial at Findmypast. If you're not sure whether you'll want a paid subscription, un-tick 'Auto-renew' in MyAccount after you register.

  • New users can get a 2 week free trial at Ancestry. If you decide not to get a paid subscription, cancel your free trial within two weeks of the date your trial begins.

  • Findmypast's FREE 'Family Tree Builder' scours the site's record collections, searching for details that match those on your tree, and then offers potential matches for you to review, accept or reject. No subscription needed - just register (free). You can keep the tree on Findmypast forever, even without a subscription. If you want to prevent it being shared or made public, use the privacy controls.

  • Findmypast's FREE app for Android and iOS devices allows you to search records; add to and update your Findmypast family tree; upload photos from your smartphone; and lots more.

  • Discounts are frequently available at Living DNA. This is the only test that shows where within Britain and Ireland your ancestry comes from within about the past ten generations. It breaks down your ancestry to any of twenty-one regions in the United Kingdom, and a total of about eighty worldwide regions. I did the test and was very impressed with how well their predictions fitted my known ancestry back to the 1700s.

  • Register with the British Newspaper Archive and you can view three pages from any title for free. There are also personal research tools to keep your searches on track, and you can add personal 'My Notes' to items in the Saved area.

  • A British Newspaper Archive subscription gives you three months for the price of two (save 31%).

  • Check this page regularly for new offers from me or from Findmypast, Ancestry, British Newspaper Archive, AncestryDNA tests for genealogy, NSW certificate transcriptions, etc.


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