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Genealogy Conferences: a select list of published papers

Papers presented at family history conferences teach us about historical context, research methods, sources, organising and preserving our data etc. The advice in many of these papers is still relevant today. Titles listed below are in my home reference library, and also in many genealogical libraries. For family history research in England, Scotland or Ireland, I especially recommend the papers by Michael Gandy and Sherry Irvine.

I will not be adding to this list, because the Queensland Family History Society is creating something similar. Their list will include conferences whose published proceedings I did not buy.

Victorian State Family History Conference

Oke, Noelle (ed.)  From Gold to Federation:  Papers from the Fourth Victorian State Family History Conference (2001).  ISBN 1874894217.  Enquiries:  Wodonga FHS, PO Box 289, Wodonga Vic 3689.

  • Institutional Care (Allan)
  • Victorian Land Selection Acts (Baker)
  • Skeletons: What To Do With Them? (Berry)
  • The State Library of Victoria: its Genealogical and Related Collections (Brown)
  • Researching Non-Convict Ancestors from Ireland from Within Australia (Eakin)
  • Crime, Law and Punishment (Fensham)
  • Looking Through Their Eyes (Gandy)
  • English Records for Irish Family History (Gandy)
  • Going for Broke: Using NSW Bankruptcy Records 1842-1928 (Garnsey)
  • Coming Up Against Brick Walls in Family History Research (Grant)
  • The Latter Day Saints Archives as a Source of Information (Harkness)
  • When Things Went Wrong: How Did Mothers Cope? Baby Farming as a Case Study (Harris)
  • Cemeteries as Social History (Harris)
  • The Vignerons of North East Victoria (Johnson)
  • Benevolent Asylum Records in New South Wales (Killion and Garnsey)
  • Selecting a Family History Computer Program (McInnes)
  • Getting the Most out of Australian CD-ROMs (McInnes)
  • Records of Education (McKinnon)
  • Managing Your Family History Records (Meadley)
  • The Cobb and Co. Story: Journeys and Discoveries (Nicholls)
  • Shipping: the Log of Logs (Nicholson)
  • Australian International and Coastal Shipping (Peake)
  • Employment Records as a Source of Biographical History (Peake)
  • Australian Joint Copying Project (Pearce)
  • 'What Did He Have and Who Got It?' Probate Records (Pearce)
  • Federation on the Border (Pennay)
  • Some Difficulties in Researching Chinese Ancestry (Presland)
  • Cornish Immigrants and Their Records (Pugsley)
  • Tasmanian Records (Pugsley)
  • Scottish Immigration (Roy)
  • Emigrant Ships: Where to Find Details and Illustrations (Shewan)
  • Scottish Immigrants: a Very Victorian Story (Tyrrell)
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Australasian Congresses on Genealogy and Heraldry

Parker, Vivienne M. (ed.) Preserving the past for the future: Proceedings of the 12th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry (2009). ISBN 9781877217463. Enquiries: New Zealand Society of Genealogists, PO Box 14036, Panmure, Auckland 1741, New Zealand.

  • Catalog 2.0 - Begin Every Genealogy Search Here: Using the Family History Library Catalog to bring genealogy into the 21st century (Paul Allen)
  • My Ancestor Worked on the Land: Where (or how) do I find out more? (Lynne Blake)
  • For Your Eyes Only: A preview of the 1911 census for England and Wales (Elaine Collins)
  • Tools and Techniques for One-Name Studies (David Evans)
  • With the New Zealanders on the Western Front 1914-1918: a Review of the Service of the First NZEF in France and Belgium (Herbert H Farrant)
  • The British in India, especially the records of the East India Company (Michael Gandy)
  • When Two or Three are Gathered Together: Records of English Nonconformity (Michael Gandy)
  • Tracing Your Huguenot Ancestry (Michael Gandy)
  • Genealogy in 2020 (Jan Gow)
  • The Naming of the Green: Irish place names and surnames (John Grenham)
  • Whatever You're Having Yourself: Irish Census Substitutes (John Grenham)
  • Improving the Poor: Irish Loan Fund Records (John Grenham)
  • The Palace and the Peasant: Locating and researching manorial records in Europe (Katarzyna Grycza)
  • Locating and Deciphering Catholic Records Around the World (Katarzyna Grycza)
  • Days of Our Lives: Preserving our own life stories (Jennifer Harrison)
  • She Only Stole a Handkerchief: Researching Recidivist Convicts (Jennifer Harrison)
  • More Than Maps: The Ordnance Survey in Ireland (Jennifer Harrison)
  • Getting the Best From Your Oral History Interviews (Megan Hutching)
  • Gold in the Ring of Fire: History Trails and Genealogical Research (Sherry Irvine)
  • Contracts and Sales in Scotland: Solve Problems without the OPRs (Sherry Irvine)
  • Irish Church Records: Guaranteeing a complete search (Sherry Irvine)
  • Visiting Kin: Facts and Fun with family travellers (Sherry Irvine)
  • Using Strategy to Find a 19th Century Family in England and Wales (Judy A Jones)
  • Can Archiving Save Space, Money, Your Mind and Your Marriage (Judy A Jones)
  • Ancestors at Your Fingertips (Judy A Jones)
  • Do You Really Have a Family 'Crest'? How to identify families by tracing the symbols associated with them (John Kitzmiller)
  • At the End of Your Rope: The Paradigm of family history research (John Kitzmiller)
  • Migration - How Scotland came to be: The origin of clans and their history, genealogy and customs of interest to genealogists & family historians (John Kitzmiller)
  • Pacific Island Research at Home and Away from Home (W. Todd Knowles)
  • The Royal New Zealand Fencible Corps: New Zealand Fencible Emigration Scheme in Auckland 1847-1852 (Alan La Roche)
  • A World Away: Records of Immigration to New Zealand 1840s-1960s (Graham Langton)
  • Military Records at Archives New Zealand (Graham Langton)
  • Religions are Like Tribes: How New Zealand's religious history has been passed through families (Peter Lineham)
  • Locating School Records in New Zealand: Where to look for your elusive ancestors (Barbara Mansell)
  • Digital Data: The delivery, the dynamics and new developments (Cora Num)
  • Occupational Records: Getting them working for you (Cora Num)
  • Solve not Revolve: Take a spin with the Internet revolution (Cora Num)
  • Irish Immigration: Nominated and Assisted Migrants to New Zealand (Geraldene O'Reilly)
  • Pioneer Whalers of the Hawke's Bay Coast: Their origins and impact (Patrick Parsons)
  • I have always imagined that paradise would be a kind of library: Collections and services at the National Library of Australia (Cathy Pilgrim)
  • Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program: Moving type from past to present, chronicling Australia through the digitisation of newspapers (Cathy Pilgrim)
  • Getting the Most Out of the Family History Library Catalog: A professional researcher's tips and tricks (Daniel S Poffenberger)
  • Who's the Father? Finding the fathers of illegitimate children in England (Daniel S Poffenberger)
  • Three Months in a Leaking Boat: Life on board a nineteenth century immigrant ship bound for New Zealand (Ken Scadden)
  • What Do I Do with All This Stuff? (Ken Scadden)
  • What's New at FamilySearch: From raw records to digital images making records more accessible at FamilySearch (Paul F. Smart)
  • Get Me to the Kirk on Time: Church Records in Scotland (Paul F Smart)
  • DNA: Which Test is Right for You? (Megan Smolenyak)
  • Papers Past: Delivering New Zealand's Newspapers (Clark Stiles)
  • Care of Family Photographs (Mark Strange)
  • Family History on Video (Neville Thomas)
  • Just What is There at TNA? (Dr Christopher Watts)
  • Every Journey Has Two Ends: Getting the most out of departure and arrival records (Dr Christopher Watts)
  • Is There a Tommy Atkins in Your Tree? (Dr Christopher Watts)
  • Black Sheep and Vanishing Relatives: Sources and strategies for researching colourful characters and people who disappeared (Judy Webster)
  • Using Indexes: Tips and Traps (Judy Webster)
  • Powerpoint Your Family History: Make Powerful points in Your Presentations (Stephen Young)
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Murray, Catherine M. (ed.) & Tomlinson, Digger (comp.) 11th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry: Family History - the access revolution (2006). ISBN 0977519317. Enquiries: Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory, PO Box 37212, Winnellie NT 0821, Australia.

  • FamilySearch - more than the IGI (L. Berry)
  • Writing and Publishing Your Family History (L. Berry)
  • Skeletons in the closet: Security and Intelligence Records in the National Archives of Australia (B. Berce)
  • Local Business, Commercial and Society Records as Underutilized Sources for Family History Research (G. Burkhardt)
  • Cheers: Researching Australian hotels and publicans (A. Burrows)
  • They weren't all Lutherans - A case study of a small group of German Catholics who emigrated to Australia from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria (P. Cass)
  • From East Clare to Eastern Australia: The Parish Priest, the Middle Men and the Emigrants (P. Cass)
  • A Focus on Photographs: Using the National Archives of Australia photographic collections for family and local history research (D. Connor)
  • The National Library of Australia: simplifying access to the nation's and the world's information resources (E. Dracoulis)
  • Using Newspapers as a Research Tool: an Australian focus (E. Dracoulis)
  • The Northern Territory as it was (J. Ah Kit, A. Asche, E.(Ted) Egan, E. James, W. James)
  • Country Poor and Town Poor (M. Gandy)
  • The Great Courts (M. Gandy)
  • Tracing Your Ancestry in the Oriental and India Office Library (M. Gandy)
  • Records of Our London Ancestors (M. Gandy)
  • How English and Welsh Records Work - What There is and What There Isn't (M. Gandy)
  • Indigenous Family History: Issues, Access and Records (R. Hotchkiss & J. Taylor)
  • Researching the Central Victorian Goldfields (J. Hunt)
  • Land Valuations in Ireland in the 1800s: Griffiths Primary Valuation Isn't the Only One (S. Irvine)
  • Bankruptcy Scattered Them, Technology Found Them (S. Irvine)
  • Researching in Britain and Ireland: What's in Your Online Toolbox? (S. Irvine)
  • Scotland's Other Congregations and Churches: Looking for Records (S. Irvine)
  • The maternal line (G. Jaunay)
  • Tracing your Welsh ancestors (G. Jaunay)
  • Europe: Moving Countries, Stationery People (A. Jessel)
  • Idiosyncrasies of Australian Indexes (A. Jessel)
  • Using the National Archives (UK): online and onsite (R. Kershaw)
  • Tracing free emigrants to Australia and New Zealand using sources at The National Archives (UK) (R. Kershaw)
  • Tracing criminals transported to Australia using sources at the National Archives (UK) (R. Kershaw)
  • Australian Rural Land Records as a Source for Family History Research (T. Ling, National Archives of Australia)
  • Digital Access to the Collection of the National Archives of Australia (T. Ling)
  • Probate Genealogy in Australia (S. McBeth)
  • The changing world of Birth Deaths and Marriage offices throughout Australia (S. McBeth)
  • Destination Australia! Immigration Records in the National Archives (L. Macfarlane)
  • Researching Australians who served using the Australian War Memorial's online resources (J. Norberry)
  • Linking Family History with Genetics - the Scientific Approach (A. Swain)
  • The Genealogical Society of Utah: its Purposes and Activities (M. Thatcher)
  • Asian Sources Available from the Genealogical Society of Utah (M. Thatcher)
  • How to Research Your Convict Ancestor (P. Thomas)
  • Tracing births and deaths at sea (C. Watts)
  • Married at sea - fact or fiction (C. Watts)
  • Army deaths, marriages and births (C. Watts)
  • Where Is It? - Finding a Scottish Ancestor (D. Webster)
  • Wildcards in Genealogical Research (D. Webster)
  • Scotland - The Online Records of a Nation (D. Webster)
  • Scottish Surnames an Given Names (D. Webster)
  • [Workshop] New Researchers: Facing Information Overload (J. Penny & G. Burkhardt)
  • [Workshop] Tips & Hints (D. Webster)
  • [Workshop] The Role of the Professional Genealogist & Record Agent (G. Jaunay, A. Peake, S. McBeth on behalf of the Council of Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents)
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Bartlett, Anne M. (comp.)  Our Heritage in History:  Papers of the Sixth Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry.  Genealogical Society of Tasmania, Launceston, 1991.  ISBN 0646037846.  Enquiries:  Tasmanian Family History Society.

  • Exploring Heritage with Children: Some Original Ideas that have Motivated Children to Explore their Heritage (Armstrong)
  • Using the IGI Intelligently (Baker)
  • Emigration to Australia from the Scottish Highlands (Boundy)
  • The History and Records of the South Australian Lands Department (Boundy)
  • Sources for Welsh Family History (Browning)
  • Rookwood Cemetery (Burge)
  • The Irish in Australia (Davis)
  • A Guide to Aboriginal Genealogical Research in Tasmania (Drysdale)
  • Archives Office of Tasmania Resources for Genealogical Research (Eastley)
  • Research Problems Frequently Encountered by Genealogists within the Field of Medallic Honours and Awards (Fagg)
  • The Collections of the Society of Australian Genealogists and How to Use Them (Garnsey)
  • Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Archive: A Resource for Genealogical Research (Hamilton)
  • The Trouble With Patriotism - the Issue of Loyalty: South Australian Germans 1838-1990 (Harmstorf)
  • Looking for a Crook: Researching Victorian Criminal Records (Harris)
  • Women on the Goldfields (Harris)
  • Eureka Stockade (Johnson)
  • Italian Immigration of the 19th and 20th Centuries (Lener)
  • Preserving Your Photographs (Lener)
  • Researching Cornish Ancestors: A Case Study (Lobb)
  • Genealogical Resources in the State Library of Tasmania (Marshall)
  • Presentation of a Family History (Meadley)
  • The Family Historian's Role in Tomorrow's History (Meadley)
  • Professional Genealogical Services (Meadley)
  • Passenger Arrivals into Australia - Records and Indexes (Peake)
  • Newspapers as an Aid to Genealogy (Pearce)
  • Researching 19th Century Victoria Police Records (Presland)
  • Newspapers as Sources on which to Build a Family History (Pullman)
  • American Records for Australians (Remington)
  • Tasmanian Convict Records (Ring)
  • Musters and Lists: Van Diemen's Land 1803-1822 (Schaffer)
  • 'These Unfortunate Females': The Story of Five Women from County Carlow, Ireland (Snowdon)
  • Arms Granted to Australian Citizens (Soos)
  • The Ibis and the Black Sheep Under the Gum Tree: Serial Publishing by Family History and Genealogical Societies in Australia (Stone)
  • The History of Justices of the Peace and their Records in England (Swinnerton)
  • Tracing Your British Army Ancestry (Swinnerton)
  • British Military Research: A Case Study Based on an Early 19th Century Soldier in NSW (Thom)
  • Tracing the Ancestral Home of that Early Ancestor (Watson)
  • Effective Use of the pre-1900 Records of Tasmanian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages and How to Supplement them from Other Sources (Watson)
  • Methods of Recording Family History Data (Worthington)
  • Capturing Convicts in New South Wales (Worthington)

Bartlett, Anne M. (comp.)  Our Heritage in History:  Papers of the Sixth Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry - Supplement.  Genealogical Society of Tasmania, Launceston, 1992.  ISBN 0646106465.  Enquiries:  Tasmanian Family History Society, PO Box 191, Launceston TAS 7250.

  • Always Argyll: An Outline of Scottish Sources (Cairns-Smith-Barth)
  • Seised in a Small County: A Brief Introduction to Scottish Land Records (Cairns-Smith-Barth)
  • Family Tree Graphics: Using Calligraphy for Genealogical Chart Presentation (Barth)
  • Church Records of Value ot Genealogists in English Archives (Chapman)
  • English Education Records and Your Ancestry (Chapman)
  • Finding Your Ancestors in English National and Local Government Records (Chapman)
  • Proving a Pedigree (Chapman)
  • Using a Computer for Your Family History (Grimes)
  • Medical Necessity of Family History (Hewitt)
  • Genealogy and the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Jameson)
  • Records Relating to Tasmania in the New South Wales State Archives (Killion)
  • How to Protect and Preserve Documentary Evidence (Lener)
  • The Ideal Family History Society (Meadley)
  • Trans Tasman Relations: Tasmanians in New Zealand (Ralston)
  • Relations in Records - Finding your Family at the Australian Archives (Shapley)
  • One-Name Societies (Swinnerton)
  • Tracing Your British Army Ancestors: Part 2 - Organisation and Records (Swinnerton)
  • Ninety Million Dollar Farce: Saving the Census (Vine Hall)
  • Parish Registers in Australia (Vine Hall)
  • Researching Family History in Mining Communities (Wilson)
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A Selection of Papers:  First International Congress on Family History and Fifth Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry.  Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations and Society of Australian Genealogists, Sydney, 1988.  ISBN 0959394044.  Enquiries:  Society of Australian Genealogists, 120 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000.

  • Sources for Family History in New Zealand (Bromell)
  • Genealogy in the State Library of Victoria (Brown)
  • Welsh Family History: A Select Bibliography (Browning)
  • The Places of Origin of German Immigrants to New South Wales 1849-1860 (Burkhardt)
  • Trends in Research Techniques and Methodologies Used by Australian Family Historians (Burkhardt)
  • German Settlement in Australia (Butler)
  • Genealogical Records in Greece and How to Obtain Them (Bywater)
  • Tombstones: Cemeteries and Relationship in Family History (Clements)
  • Record Sources for Western Australian Family History (Croker)
  • The New South Wales State Archives (Cross)
  • Ecclesiastical Record Sources: Australian Jewish (Davis)
  • Catholic Record Sources in Australia (Donohoe)
  • Adoption Records in Australia (Dunn)
  • New South Wales Land Records and Family History (Ferry)
  • Lesser-Used Sources for Convict Research in the Archives Office of New South Wales (Gore)
  • The Germans in Australia (Harmstorf)
  • Marriage Laws and the Family Historian (Harrison)
  • The Queensland Connection: History and Sources (Harrison)
  • Army Muster Rolls and the Australasian Genealogists (Hughes)
  • The History of Tithe Records (Humphery-Smith)
  • Genealogical Sources in Scotland (Iggo)
  • The Jewish Communities of South West England and their Australian Connections (Joseph)
  • Genealogy in Schools (Lay)
  • Preservation: The Genealogist's Role (Lener)
  • Researching in Italy (Lener)
  • Writing a Professional Research Report (McBeth)
  • Ecclesiastical Record Sources: Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Records (MacDonald)
  • Introduction to Family History Research in Canada (Martin)
  • The Written Family History: A Study of Award Winning Entries (Meadley)
  • Schemes of Assisted Immigration before 1900 (Morgan)
  • Irish Land Registration Records (Nolan)
  • Biographical Sources for the Family Historian in South Australia and the Northern Territory (Peake)
  • New Australia: a Colony in Paraguay (Peake)
  • Historical First Aid (Price)
  • Record Sources in Victoria other than Holdings of the State Library (Pullman)
  • When and How to Hire a Professional Genealogist: Australia (Pullman)
  • Australian Capital Territory Repositories with Holdings of Genealogical Interest (Ray)
  • Surnames and the Genealogist (Redmonds)
  • When and How to Hire a Professional Genealogist: United States of America (Remmington)
  • Militia (Simpson)
  • When and How to Hire a Professional Genealogist: United Kingdom (Simpson)
  • The Amoy Labourers: Australia's Pioneer Asian Immigrants (Tankey)
  • How I Became a Professional Genealogist in the United Kingdom (Lady Teviot)
  • Searching in London (Lord Teviot)
  • Heraldry and Genealogy (Thomas)
  • The Bureaucracy of Emigration and Its Traces in German Archives (Wollmershauser)
  • When and How to Hire a Professional Genealogist: Central Europe (Wollmershauser)
  • Indexing Your Family History for Publication (Wyatt)
  • Genealogical Education: Taking the Records to the People (Yeates)
  • The Lebanese Family: Marriage and Kinship (Younis)
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Burkhardt, Geoffrey and Proctor, Peter (comp.)  Bridging the Generations:  Fourth Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry.  Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra, 1986.  ISBN 0949543055.  Enquiries:  Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra, GPO Box 585, Canberra ACT.

  • Bridging the Generations (Camp)
  • Preserving Your Research for Posterity: self-publishing of family history material for Australians and New Zealanders (Barlow)
  • Australian Aboriginal Genealogies: a review of research and resources (Barwick and Lucas)
  • The Early Colonial Family (Best)
  • Newspapers as a Genealogical Source (Bromell)
  • English and Welsh Parish Registers (Browning)
  • German Immigration to the Clarence River District of NSW (Burkhardt and Mackey)
  • Popular Misconceptions about English Records (Camp)
  • Family History and Tombstones (Clements)
  • Ancestry Searching in Ireland (Coffey)
  • Documentary Errors: their detection and correction (Crocker)
  • The India Connection with Western Australia (Croker)
  • The Relationship Between Local and Family Histories (Duignan)
  • Moreton Bay District Records 1826-1860: a guide to Brisbane Repositories (Eastgate)
  • Victorian Goldfields Research (Harris)
  • Sources in Queensland for Family Historians (Harrison)
  • Merchants and Missionaries: God and Mammon on a Methodist family (Heath)
  • Aspects of Convict Research and Records (Holden)
  • South Australian Records (Jamieson)
  • One-Name Societies (Johnson)
  • Emigration from the German States 1815-1862 (Jordan)
  • Australo-Jewish and Anglo-Jewish Genealogy (Joseph)
  • Our Women Ancestors: illuminating women on the family tree (Kyle)
  • Drawing Pedigrees (Layton)
  • Research in Victoria (Meadley)
  • Assisted Immigration to Australia in the 19th Century (Morgan)
  • Brief Guide to the Preservation of Documentary Materials (Morrison)
  • Brief Introduction to Sources for Non-Traditional Maori Family History Research (Mossong)
  • New Zealand Passenger Lists (Mossong)
  • Catholic Church Marriage Records in Ireland (Nolan)
  • The Australian Joint Copying Project (Pattison)
  • Future Directions for Heraldry in Australia (Peake)
  • The Tighes of Heapstown, County Sligo, Ireland (Reid)
  • Local History from Headstones (Sheehan)
  • Chinese Immigration into Australia (Tankey)
  • Chelsea Pensioners in 19th Century Australia (Thom)
  • Ulster-Scot Historical Society and Ulster Historical Foundation 1956-1986 (Trainor)
  • 1814-1815 Immigrants (Tuff)
  • Genealogy and the Writing of History (Vine Hall)
  • Genealogical Sources in Canterbury, NZ (Weir)
  • Introduction to Genealogical Software (Worthington)
  • Birth, Death and Marriage Records in Australia (Young)
  • The Role of the Professional Genealogist in Australia (Young)

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