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Women granted protection orders

Family historians often have difficulty finding information about women, especially in nineteenth century records. One unusual source is a register of protection orders. It gives the woman's name, when the protection order was granted, by which Court, and the registration date.

Explanation of names below:

SURNAME, Given Name, year

ABRAHAMS Kate 1900
ADAMSON Mary 1896
ANDERSON Elizabeth 1889
ASPINALL Mary Sarah Cunningham 1903
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BAIN Margaret 1890
BAKEWELL Amelia 1888
BARRON Mary 1890
BEDFORTH Avis Frances 1892
BEECH Flora Bell 1890
BELL Bertha 1901
BERTWISTLE Mary Swain 1899
BOOTH A... ? 1896
BOOTH Mary Jane 1894
BOOTH Mary Jane 1897
BOURKE Margaret 1893
BOYLE Eliza Florence 1893
BRYANS Christina 1893
BURKE Harriette Louisa 1898
BURNS Margaret 1890
BURRELL Mary ? 1898
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CARLTON Sylvinia Emily ? 1890
CHAPMAN Jane 1890
CURRAN Anne 1890
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DANIELSEN Hannah ? 1895
DONOVAN Mary 1890
DRURY Victoria ? 1900
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EALING Martha Letitia 1899
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FALK Petra 1900
FARRY Elizabeth ? 1895
FLANAGAN Mary Ann 1900
FORSYTH Jessie 1899
FREEMAN Margaret 1895
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GRAY Alice Melinda 1901
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HARDING Margaret 1890
HAYES Jane 1891
HAYES Jane 1893
HOLMES Julia 1899
HUGHES Adelaide 1901
HUNGERBUHLER Bertha ? 1891
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KIRKMASTER Louisa 1890
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LAMBOURNE Elizabeth 1898
LONGDEN Sarah 1894
LOVE Annie 1898
LOVE Annie 1902
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McCREA Susannah 1891
McFEE Mary 1893
McGREGOR Catherine Alice 1902
McHUGH Ann 1894
McNAMARA Mary Elizabeth 1904
McNAUGHTON Sarah Eliza 1892
McSHANE Christina 1898
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MACDONALD Elizabeth Burns 1894
MANGAN Mary Ann 1903
MATTHEWS Mary Ann 1894
MELROSE Caroline ? 1900
MOLLOY Sarah ? 1890
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ORIELLY Ann 1891
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PHILLIPS Rachel 1895
PHILP Gardyn Somerville 1893
PICKERSGILL Frances 1899
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ROBINSON Henrietta 1891
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SAUNDERS Sarah 1892
SEED Sarah 1892
SELLAR Jessie Laing 1894
SIMMONDS Mary 1890
SINNAMON Ellen 1902
SINNOTT Margaret 1892
STEVENSON Isabella 1900
STRANGE Elizabeth 1896
SWINDELLS Sarah Ellen Augusta 1893
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TRILBUY Susan ? 1897
TUKE Martha 1891
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W.... Marie Elizabeth ? 1899
WHEELER Ellen 1890
WILLIAMS Emily Lavinia 1899
WILLIAMS Harriet 1892
WILLIAMS Isabella 1894
WILLIAMSON Martha 1898
WILSON Elizabeth 1893
WRIGHT Hannah 1901
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Copying service

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Option 1:  If you want a digital image of the original document (sent via the Internet), my fee is $10 for one entry plus $2 for each additional entry requested at the same time. If the same name is listed (above) twice, that is two entries. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page).

Option 2:  I will (for a fee of $3 total for up to 5 surnames) provide source references (the record office, its location number for the source, and approximate date) so you can do the work yourself. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page).

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Why I use and recommend Findmypast

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