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South-West Queensland: Local and Family History

The geographical area covered by my private collection is essentially Paroo and Bulloo Shires. It includes the towns and districts of Cunnamulla, Eulo, Thargomindah, Wyandra and Hungerford, the former border town of Wooroorooka, the southern part of the Warrego District, and rural properties in those areas.

Contents of the collection

  • Copies and transcripts of primary and secondary sources (including headstones, burial registers, certificates, electoral rolls, post office and livestock brand directories, petitions, maps, inquests, council rate books, court and police station records, newspapers, war memorials, church memorial plaques, school registers, published local histories, wills, land records, business records, personal letters and diaries, family files etc.)
  • Photographs of people and places in south-west Qld, and of some headstones in Cunnamulla cemetery; plus information about relevant photographs in various publications.
  • Local families contact file, from submitted family data.
  • Indexes to headstones, burial registers, newspapers, published local histories, and sources held by various record offices in Brisbane (mainly name indexes, but some material has been indexed by placename / subject).

South-west Queensland people

Aims of the project

  • Create a reference collection for people, places, businesses, subjects and events in Paroo/Bulloo Shires.
  • Compile indexes to facilitate use of the collection.
  • Publish appropriate material such as indexes and cemetery transcripts.
  • Compile a bibliography of sources for local historical and genealogical research in this area.

Administration and funding

All clerical, administrative and research tasks are handled by just one person (me). The project receives no sponsorship, and is funded out of my own pocket.  Expenses include the purchase of published local histories, photocopies of records held by record offices and libraries, and storage facilities.

Other Suggestions

Outback Story (a historical account of life in outback Queensland in the early to mid 1900s).

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Why I use and recommend Findmypast

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