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Judy Webster's Genealogy 'Updates Newsletter'
  • 24 Apr 2013: Explanation of UpdatesGenie.
  • Earlier editions of the 'Updates' newsletter.
  • Web sites worth a mention.

24 Apr 2012

My Updates email newsletter and my Newsflash page have been replaced by a new page called 'Updates Genie'. There you can read my news on the Internet, or receive it by email.

Updates Genie has genealogy news and tips from all over the world (Queensland, other Australian States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc.) You will find out about indexes, Web sites, books, CDs, podcasts, record offices, research techniques, discounts and freebies, events such as family history fairs, seminars and conferences, and lots more. Updates Genie also has links to longer articles that I publish elsewhere on the Internet.

To read the news on the Internet: Go to whenever you wish. You will need to scroll down (and perhaps click through to an older page) to see all news items.

To have the news emailed to you: Go to In the box under 'Receive Updates By Email', type your email address (carefully). Click 'Submit' and follow the on-screen instructions. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription by clicking a link (you must be connected to the Internet when you click). You will then see a confirmation screen. (If your email address changes, repeat this process.) Whenever I add news to the Web page, it will automatically be emailed to you. (You may want to create a filter that puts emails with the phrase Updates Genie into your Inbox - otherwise they may end up in Trash/Spam.)

To subscribe to an RSS feed: If you are familiar with feeds you will know how to subscribe at

Previous updates:

My apologies to anyone who is waiting for a research report. In 2009 I assumed the role of carer for my father so that he could continue to live in his own home. Dad died peacefully at the age of 90yrs 9mths. My sisters and I are comforted by the knowledge that by being with Dad 24/7 we enabled him to have some fun right up until the moment he died. I am not sure when I will be able to return to Brisbane and resume research, but my genealogy seminars will proceed as planned.

Newsletter No. 35  (Dec 2009) in PDF format (opens in a new window):

  • Changes to my genealogical services.
  • Email attachments.
  • I cannot email ''.
  • More Qld marriage/death indexes online.
  • Mental asylum case books.
  • Sydney Benevolent Asylum Index 1857-1900.
  • Titles of 2009 Congress papers.
  • Genealogy Congress in 2012.
  • Web sites: Legacy family tree software; NSW certificate transcriptions 10% discount to 10 Dec 2009.

Newsletter No. 34  (July 2009) in PDF format (opens in a new window):

  • 'Darling Downs Gazette' BDM indexes on-line.
  • CuriousFox and Freepages searched by Google.
  • Immigrants on the 'Diana', May 1858.
  • Web sites: Family History Week events; Databases for Australia.

Newsletter No. 33  (Apr 2009) in PDF format (opens in a new window):

  • Changes re Queensland certificates.
  • Archive Digital Books Australasia.
  • Web sites: Royal Historical Society of Qld; Convicts database 1787-1867.

Newsletter No. 32  (Mar 2009) in PDF format (opens in a new window):

  • More names from mental asylum records.
  • More information re fathers of illegitimate children.
  • Australian newspapers digitised and searchable on-line.
  • Court of Petty Sessions bench record and summons books.
  • Who else is researching your family?
  • Web sites: Immigrants/Nominators; Victorian wills; NZ & Irish BDMs; Online genealogy classes.

Selected items from previous Newsletters.

Selected items from previous newsletters.

© Copyright Judy Webster. Ask my permission (email Image of email address - address shown as an image) before reproducing any part of a newsletter. More information from previous newsletters is on my Web site or in the latest edition of my book Tips for Qld Research.

Web sites worth a mention (Queensland and elsewhere).

2008 edition of 'Tips for Qld Research'.  A new edition of the book Tips for Queensland Research was published in May this year. Most chapters in the previous edition have been significantly updated and/or expanded (often with details of additional sources or new indexes); and some extra topics have been added. More details and book reviews.

Four new lists of names on my Web site.

  1. From sources that name the father of an illegitimate child
  2. Agreements re fares by rail/ship (interstate/overseas).
  3. Supreme Court insanity files 1885-1901.
  4. Mental asylum patients pre-1888, from Annual This refers to Annual Reports of the Asylums for the Insane, which often give ship of arrival, age, marital status, date of immigration, date admitted to asylum, and remarks such as 'discharged recovered', 'died', 'since readmitted', 'deserted by her parents', 'epileptic', 'emigrated to Sydney', 'emigrated to Melbourne', 'was in Maryborough', 'mother died in asylum in England', 'father insane', etc.

If the intestacy file is missing...  Most Qld Southern District intestacies 1946-1968 were destroyed in a fire; but for a few of those people another series of records 1953-1978 gives name, former residence, occupation, date/place of death, and an inventory.

Immigration indexes: a WARNING! Immigration indexes on the Qld State Archives Web site do NOT include all records for those periods. To locate entries in three other volumes of passenger lists (Z31, Z32 & Z33) and various Immigration Agent records, use the main card index to immigrants. You may also need to check (at Qld State Archives) the card index to Land Orders, card registers of nominated immigrants, etc., and (in libraries) the Kopittke indexes to emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia. For more advice see Tips for Qld Research.

Immigration records: unusual entries. Some immigration records mention pension enquiries (with a date), proving that the person was still alive then. Others show that the name in the immigration records was incorrect, or that the immigrant used a different name after arrival [eg, Mary FLYNN / Nora O'FLYNN; Alex POLLOCK / George TAYLOR]. There are comments such as 'stowaway'; 'died on voyage'; 'baby born on board - Eng. Dist. Registrar Warwick 6.2.34'; 'previously in colony'; 'blind'; 'insane'; 'died in quarantine Melbourne'; 'enquiry Public Trustee Sydney 22.5.33'. Some female passengers are listed under their maiden surname with a note showing their husband's name.

Qld Railway staff: new index 1889-1912.  There is now a second index to Qld Government Railway staff records. It covers 1889-1912 (clerical staff, engineers, mechanics, boilermakers, coachbuilders, station masters, porters, signalmen, gangers, gatekeepers, cleaners, drivers etc.) The other index (1878-1946) covers different registers. For details contact Caloundra Family History Research.

Central Qld FHA Website news.  Central Qld Family History Association have put their 'Member's Interests' on their website. They are also updating the Central Qld Pioneer Index (download a form for free entry submission).

Brisbane City Archives have moved.  Brisbane City Council's archives have moved to Muriel Avenue, Moorooka.

Deserted wives, children & illegitimate children. 'Indexes in Progress' includes hundreds of names (men and women) from a register of Brisbane maintenance payments re deserted wives, children and illegitimate children. Registers for other times periods and places also exist. See Tips for Qld Research.

Irish research using English sources.  "From 1800 to 1922 the capital of Ireland was London... Galway was a county of the United Kingdom on the same terms as Wiltshire, and a Kerryman appears in many categories of British records for the same reasons as a Yorkshireman... Many young labourers went over to England just for the summer; many girls went over to be servants; many couples spent years in the industrial towns and [later] went home... [many families] spent a few years in England and records of them may be there." This is an extract from 'English Records for Irish Family History' by Michael GANDY, in From Gold to Federation: papers from the Fourth Victorian State Family History Conference (N. OKE, ed.; Wodonga FHS, 2001). This paper describes many English sources and records of Government that contain information about the Irish. It includes a bibliography and useful addresses.

Published papers from genealogy conferences. I have added titles of papers from the 2006 Australasian Congress. A wide range of topics and geographical areas are covered. If you have British or Irish research, take particular note of the papers by Sherry IRVINE and Michael GANDY.

My family trees. My family trees have been given a facelift with a brilliant programme, Second Site, which processes data in 'The Master Genealogist'. See my families with British origins and my families with German origins.

Contacting others researching your family. A good way to find out whether someone else is researching your family, is to use WorldConnect and (for Britain) Curious Fox. If your relatives (direct or by marriage) are listed in the 1841 British census or 1880-1881 censuses for Britain, USA or Canada, enter their details at Lost Cousins to find out who else is researching those people. Note that for the 1841 census only, you must enter names/ages as they appear in the handwritten census. For other censuses you use details from the transcription (even if it is wrong). I have had several 'new' relatives contact me via my entries at Lost Cousins, Curious Fox and WorldConnect.

Ryerson Index (newspaper notices): new address. The Ryerson Index has moved to It has over 1.5 million entries (mainly deaths) from over 130 Australian newspapers. See also 'AUS-NEWSPAPER-EXTRACTS', a Rootsweb mailing list.

Finding books and newspapers in libraries. Search the Australian National Bibliographic Database to find which libraries hold a particular book, map, picture, microfilm, newspaper etc. See, which leads to a search screen.

Anglican churches: Kangaroo Point, South Brisbane, Mitchelton, Toowong. Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society has a free enquiry service re Anglican churches at Kangaroo Point (St.Mary), South Brisbane (St.Andrew), Mitchelton (St.Matthew), Toowong (St.Thomas). Details available include names of those commemorated and their families, and donors. Email Marianne Eastgate,, stating name sought and reason required.

Naturalized more than once. In Enemy Aliens: Internment and the Home Front Experience in Australia 1914-1920 (University of Qld Press, Brisbane, 1989) Gerhard Fischer says that naturalisation entitled a person to the rights of a British subject only in the colony where the naturalisation was registered, and not in other Australian colonies. So, if your non-British ancestors moved about, they may have been naturalized in several Australian colonies/States, and some of those records may be better than others. Qld State Archives hold many naturalization records and indexes.

Email problems / Alternative address. I am sometimes unable to reply to enquiries because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) won't accept mail from mine. If you have a second email address with a different ISP, please quote both addresses in your emails, as it gives me another way of contacting you. (My alternative email address, which is subject to change, is always on my main Web page.)

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