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Queensland mental asylum patients before 1886
from some Annual Reports of Asylums for the Insane

Does your family history have someone who 'vanished'? If you cannot find a death certificate or if children were raised by someone other than a parent, check mental asylum records. Reasons for admission included epilepsy, head injury, alcoholism, birth defects and depression (especially post-natal depression). Many patients (adults and children) spent only a few days in an asylum, and descendants would be unaware of that.

Annual Reports of the Asylums for the Insane often give (in addition to the patient's ship of arrival) their age, marital status, date of immigration, date admitted to asylum, and remarks such as 'discharged recovered', 'died', 'since readmitted', 'deserted by her parents', 'epileptic', 'emigrated to Sydney', 'emigrated to Melbourne', 'was in Maryborough', 'mother died in asylum in England', 'father insane', etc.

The list below (names and ships) was compiled by a friend who shares my enthusiasm for genealogy and family history. She has found evidence to suggest that the people listed below spent some time in a Queensland mental asylum before 1888. She has not looked at later reports. Please note that this is only a partial list.

Other sources

To research mental asylum patients, use all available sources, including:

For more information about those sources, and many others, see my mini-guide 'Researching Queensland Mental Asylum Patients'.

Explanation of names below:

  • These people arrived in Australia before 1886. Later reports have not been indexed.
  • Names beginning with 'Mc' precede other 'M' surnames.
  • Apostrophes have been removed from names such as O'BRIEN.
  • Some abbreviated names have been expanded (eg, 'Wm' to 'William').
  • For names below, I can supply a copy of the Report of Asylums (this link leads to instructions).
SURNAME  Given Name,  Ship

ADAMS James, Scottish Knight

BAIN Margaret, Linlithgowshire
BARKER Mary, Western Monarch
BENNETT Jane, Nowshera
BONELL Geo, El Dorado
BOYCE Charles, Duke of Buccleuch
BOYS Chenery Francis, Fleur de Lys
BRUTON Mary, Duke of Sutherland
BRYANT Emma, Nowshera
BUSQUET Phelix, Sikh

CHALMERS William, Duntrune
CHISHOLM Thomas, Albany
CLEARY Michael, Bulimba
COODY Catherine ?, Mairi Bhan
CURTIS Joseph, Duke of Buckingham

DALTON Susan, Scottish Hero
DOWELL William H, Roxboroughshire
DOYLE Margaret, ?

EGAN Annie, Almora
EGAN Cath, Dorunda
EMMETT Lizzie (see EMMITT Eliza)
EMMITT Eliza, Duke of Buccleuch

FALKNER Mark, Stacathro
FLEMING James, South Esk
FOSTER Catherine, Western Monarch

GALSWORTHY George, New Guinea
GIBBONS John, Quetta
GREWER Mary, Scotland

HEXTER Martha, Dorunda
HOWISON William, Ango-Indian

IVES Susan, Chyebassa

JONES Ellen, Melpomene

KELLY Johanna, Corona
KELLY Stephen, Merkara

LANE James E, Duke of Buckingham
LYNCH William, Zamora
LYONS Thomas, Durham

McINTYRE Sam, Selkirkshire
McNAMARA Bridget, Hampshire
McNAMARA Honora, Scottish Wizard

MADDAFORD Henry ?, Dorunda ?
MERDITH Fanny, Duke of Argyll
MILNE Helen, Carnatic
MOONEY Catherine, Duke of Buckingham
MORAN Thomas, Stirlingshire
MORRIS Alf, Crown of Aragon
MORRIS John, Duke of Argyll

NIXON Edward, Sarah Scott
NORRIS Emily, New Guinea

OBRIEN Mary Ann, Duke of Westminster
OCONNELL Mary, Scottish Hero
OCONNOR William, New Guinea
OGRADY Julia, Dorunda

RICE John, New Guinea
ROUNTREE Edward, Merkara

SHEAY Michael, Duke of Argyll
SHOOTER Maria Gertrude, ?
SMALL Mary, Nuddea
SMITH John, Kincardineshire
STANLEY Amelia, Zamora
STEWART Jessie, Nebo
SULLIVAN Johanna ?, Quetta
SUMNER Margaret, Scotland

TENNYSON Thomas, Berwick Law
TIPPING Charles ?, Compta
TOOHY Mary (or TUOHY?), Bulimba
TORPY John, Quetta
TUOHY Mary (see TOOHY Mary)

Copying service. Allow several weeks for a reply (I am often away).

It takes time to travel to a record office, find the relevant volume/page, order photocopies or get digital images, and send them to you. As a professional genealogist, I charge fees for these services:

Option 1:  If you want me to copy the Report of Asylums, my fee is $10 for one name listed above. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page). If more than one name is of interest, email Image of email address or my alternative address, specify 'Asylum Reports index' and the names required. If you don't receive a reply, check your spam folder or contact me again from a different email address.

Option 2:  I will (for a fee of $2 for one SURNAME plus $1 per additional SURNAME) provide source references (the record office, source title and year) so you can do the work yourself. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page).

Other Suggestions

Other sources for asylum patients.

Mini-guide 'Researching Queensland Mental Asylum Patients'.

My other genealogy sites have additional advice and names.

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