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Professional Genealogy Research in Queensland

Family historians often need help in record offices that they cannot visit in person. Employing someone familiar with local records (including unusual sources) is often more productive and more economical than attempting the research yourself.

I do professional research in record offices and libraries in Brisbane. My speciality is working with unusual records that are often overlooked but which are superb for overcoming 'dead ends' and 'brick walls' in family history. I am also experienced in tracing living descendants in Queensland. My clients include family historians, professional genealogists, solicitors and State Trustees. You are welcome to check my credentials and obtain references.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Local and Applied History (University of New England, Armidale NSW) and I have been doing professional genealogical research since 1986. As a genealogical record agent, I have undertaken to abide by a Code of Ethics.

I provide two services:

Copying service for original records that I've indexed (search the 57,000 names).

In-depth research and/or copies of other records:

Queensland sources to which I have access include:

Before requesting research:

My Policy

I aim to be both professional and friendly. I will provide full source references, even if results are negative. Your personal details, address, correspondence and research remain confidential.

Payment methods

Whether you live in Australia or overseas, you have a choice of payment methods.


The nature of historical records is such that it is often impossible to predict how difficult or time-consuming a task will be. Most clients prefer to work in stages. At the end of each stage I will send a detailed report with my findings, plus suggestions for further research if indicated. You may then decide whether you wish to continue. A deposit is required before work can commence (usually $120, but a smaller deposit is possible if your request is very simple).

Fees are based on costs incurred and time spent on handling the commission. This includes the time it takes to analyse information supplied, contact you for clarification if insufficient data is provided initially, plan the research, search the records, assess results, order and collect copies or take digital photos, prepare reports, and read and respond to emails. Out-of-pocket expenses are extra (eg, if applicable, photocopies, certificates, postage, packaging, digital data transfers, tolls and parking fees). To avoid being billed for data download fees, please check with me before sending email attachments.

My hourly rate is similar to that of other professionals with similar experience and training. In addition to research and reports, it covers non-billable expenses such as Internet access, electricity, pay-to-view Website subscriptions, ongoing education (genealogy seminars, conferences and journals), books/CDs for my home reference library, stationery, computer hardware and software, equipment repairs, hosting costs for my Website, etc.

I charge AUD$80 per hour, plus out-of-pocket expenses. I do not charge for travelling time unless I make a special trip because you request priority service.

How to request research

A carefully prepared request will save you money and increase the chances of success. If you supply insufficient detail, time will be wasted and relevant material may be missed. It is the client's responsibility to provide full particulars of what is already known so that work is not duplicated.

  1. PRINT the request form in PDF format or Microsoft Word format (opens in a new window).
  2. On the form, state clearly what you already know and what you are trying to accomplish.
  3. Supply photocopies of certificates and a list of sources and time periods already checked (whether results were positive or negative). Cite sources fully and accurately. Be very specific!
  4. For complex research and problem solving, make extra Family Group Sheets (page 3) for relatives of the subject. Researching a spouse, parents, siblings or children will often overcome dead ends.
  5. POST the request form, payment, copies of certificates etc to Judy Webster, PO Box 5043, Algester QLD 4115, Australia (do NOT email them). For personal reasons, I cannot be contacted by phone.

Waiting time

I only work part-time, and your waiting time depends on my workload and the nature of your task. The request form indicates the likely waiting time for non-urgent work. If you need results urgently for legal or other purposes, please email me to discuss your requirements (a priority fee may apply).

Other comments / advice

Other professional researchers

It is my policy to recommend only those professional researchers whose services I have personally used, and whose work I consider to be of a very high standard. They include:

Research in Victoria:

Research in Western Australia:

Research in New South Wales:

Research in other areas:

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