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Specialist Indexes in Australia: a Genealogist's Guide (1998 edition)
Part 1: Local area, Newspaper, and One-Name Indexes

The book Specialist Indexes in Australia: a Genealogist's Guide is an index of indexes. It helps you to find indexes that are useful for historical research, especially genealogy, family history and local history.

How to get more information about an index

Follow links to indexes that are now on the Internet; or for other indexes listed below, get more information (usually a description of the index plus the name and address of the person or repository holding it;  or, for published indexes, bibliographic details and a brief description):

Titles of indexes described in the 1998 edition

Part 1

Part 2


For an index to be eligible for inclusion, compilers must be willing to accept all references Australia-wide.

How to find out more about an index.

Updated and new entries are listed in the 2006 Supplement to Specialist Indexes.

Go back to titles of indexes described in the 1998 edition.

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