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Photos are copyright and may only be used, with proper acknowledgement ('photo by Judy Webster published on'), for your own family history.

Yorkshire Churches (Bossall; Fewston; Gillamoor; Scrayingham; Sheriff Hutton)

Bossall church
Bossall, North Yorkshire - St. Botulph
(my ancestor William Hudson was baptised here)

Fewston church
Fewston, West Yorkshire

church Gillamoor churchyard Gillamoor
Gillamoor, North Yorkshire - St. Aidan
(my Agar & Peacock ancestors from Farndale are buried here)

Scrayingham church
Scrayingham, East Yorkshire - St. Peter & St. Paul

Sheriff Hutton church
Sheriff Hutton, North Yorkshire - St. Helen & the Holy Cross
(headstones are best viewed after the grass is cut in July)

These photos were taken in September 2002. In addition to normal tourist activities (and exploring churchyards) I did some genealogy research at North Yorkshire County Record Office and Northallerton Library. Bed and breakfast accommodation is just a few minutes walk away, in South Parade and Almond Grove.

Other Suggestions

If your ancestors or their siblings were in Yorkshire, see Findmypast's superb Yorkshire Collection with images of many original parish registers, plus the Prerogative and Exchequer Courts of York Probate Index 1688-1858 and York Peculiars Probate Index 1383-1883.

Indexes on this Web site include names of hundreds of people born in Yorkshire. Some are also listed in 'Yorkshire Genealogy'.

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